Why I got a Mummy Makeover and what I look like now! 0

Amazing results by our talented Plastic Surgeon in Pattaya, Thailand!

After struggling with weight issues all her life and blowing out to 135kg after 4 babies and depression Gemma took a leap and had weight loss surgery in late 2008.

Over the next 9 years she changed her life and lost 55kg. Always knowing she would more than likely need some kind of surgery as her body had suffered dramatically and she wanted to be able to feel on the outside like she does on the inside.

Gemma’s decision was one which came with years of research and preparation for when she felt she was physically, mentally and emotionally ready.

Gemma’s surgery took place on the 29th of December 2017 with the full support from her partner and 3 amazing friends along for her 23 day trip to Pattaya.

Gemma spent:
Extended Tummy Tuck: AU$7,500
Breast lift with implants: AU$7,270

Total: AU$15,230 (she was quoted $AU30,000 plus in Perth)

Gemma says her whole experience was TOTALLY LIFE CHANGING. 

Gemma’s time in Pattaya