The Mini Boob Job 0

The Mini Boob Job

It’s a trend!

More women are now opting for small, natural looking implants that will give them more fullness and leave people guessing as to whether they’ve had Breast Augmentation surgery.

Small breast implants seem to be the “IN” thing these days.  The inflated breast with deep cleavage that was so popular with women in the 1990’s has given way to a more athletic look.  It is not surprising that when the celebrities want to “boost their chests” they’re now opting for the so-called “mini boob jobs”. A mini boob job is really a Breast Augmentation with small breast implants that take them up a cup size or two at most so that the breasts appear a little fuller or rounder.


So what is the right size breast implant for Breast Augmentation? Everyone has their own opinion, and there is a great selection of different sizes for people to choose from. Implants range from their smallest at 125cc, to 1200cc, which is as big as they can legally get. (Implants are measured through cubic centimeters, or cc’s.) Deciding between different sized implants can be based on a few factors, like the current shape and size of the patient’s breasts, the patient’s body type, and what kind of look the patient is going for.

Our team of experienced surgeons is to give each patient exactly what they need to look and feel their best about their appearance.

Most importantly, if you are interested in a Breast Augmentation with small breast implants or you just have questions, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly cosmetic consultants and together you will review your goals for your new look.  You will be fully educated on your options as well as plan what you need to know before you decide about breast augmentation surgery.  Knowing that every plastic surgery patient would like have less scarring, less invasiveness, and less downtime, together our team will arrive at a plan that will help you achieve your cosmetic surgery goals.