Tantalize your Taste buds 0

So, you’ve been back from Thailand for a couple of weeks now, settling back in to reality and enjoying your new assets but I bet you’re missing paradise! The sun, the sand and more importantly, THE FOOD!

One of the main attractions to Thailand for me is the magnificent street food! Little food stalls, hawker food courts, even the little food carts, I have to stop at almost every one and try something. Whether it be deep fried fish balls, green mangoes with chilli salt or a sweet banana roti, I have to have it.

Over the weekend, I had a Thai food craving and made a reservation at Long Chim in Perth CBD. All I can say is WOW! The food is unbelievable, if you’re missing that exotic, fresh, spicy flavour, you had so much of on your getaway to Phuket or Bangkok you HAVE to try this hidden gem. The food here is so authentic, I felt like I was back in Thailand after the very first bite. There is no compromise in flavour, nothing has been watered down. Chilli, fish sauce, lemon grass, the dishes are bursting with those magical Thai flavours and let me tell you, they bring the heat! This has to be the best Thai restaurant in Perth.


Everything on the menu sounds delicious; it was so hard to make a choice. I ordered more than I needed but I ate it all anyway. I was rolling out of there.

Long Chim means ‘come and taste’ in Thai and that’s exactly what I recommend you do if you’re really missing Thailand and want to take your taste buds back there. You will not be disappointed.

Chloe’s Recommendations

  • Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli with Crunchy Pork
  • Dried Prawns Ginger Toasted Coconut
  • Sour Orange Curry of Fish

And don’t fret East Siders, this culinary experience isn’t just for us over in the West. Long Chim has now opened its doors in Sydney and Melbourne is soon to open in 2017.