Supermodel Gets Breast Implants in Thailand 0

I was never one that was keen on plastic surgery, it’s not that I didn’t like or approve of it, I just didn’t like the thought of being put under and operated on.

I’ve never liked needles, going back to the time when my dad used to have to hold me down so I would get my injections at school, Yuck! The nightmares…

I had heard about Restored Beauty Getaways through Facebook and friends and started to fall in love with the transformations all these beautiful women around me were having. Still sceptical about being operated on, I started doing research and I emailed RBG and a few other companies to book a time for a consultation so I could get a feel for each company and their surgeons. I needed to know I was making the right choice and I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases.

Why I chose to have plastic surgery in Thailand

I hadn’t looked too deeply into getting surgery done in Australia as I hadn’t heard great things about it. I know people can be sceptical about going abroad for surgery but I had heard more good than bad about going to Thailand. I had spoken with women I knew that had, had their Breast Augmentations done here and each one had a complication, nothing major but it wasn’t filling me with confidence.

How I fell in love with Restored Beauty Getaways

Restored Beauty Getaways were my last consultation and their office was so clean and beautifully presented, that was a major plus for me. I sat down for a consultation with Bec Cosier and I showed her what I wanted and I got to watch a video of previous clients along with their before and after photos.

I’ve always had a really athletic build, and was constantly buying gel inserts for my bikinis and gowns. There are so many photos from when I’m competing that have random bits of jelly boob popping out the sides or a photo taken on an angle where you can actually see the inserts and gel pockets, it’s embarrassing! It sounds silly but I hated having to constantly shove inserts into my bikinis.

After a lot of thinking I decided to book my operation date in with Dr Jib, May 24th I would be having my procedure. I was ecstatic I had finally secured a date, it gave me something to look forward to and it actually started to feel real. My partner and I decided to have a 2 week holiday first as I had never been to Thailand before, it was beautiful and I’m so glad we did it that way. We did a lot of exploring and adventure activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do after my surgery like snorkelling, speed boating, the tree top flying fox, the full moon party and just going on adventures by scooters.

The day had come for my surgery. RBG had organised a whole video production team to film my surgery journey. I was picked up by our lovely driver and taken into H&M, my pamper squad was amazing! It definitely took a lot of nerves away and stopped me from stressing about my procedure as I tend to overthink things.


I put my trust in DR Jib

After being glammed up we continued with filming for the morning. In between filming I was having my bloods done and my heart tested. Everything was fine so then I got to sit down with Dr Jib. Dr Jib showed me the possible sizes I could go as I had a few photos for “boobspo” inspiration – he gave me the choice between 350cc, 375cc & 400cc – I couldn’t really tell the difference between them when “trying them on” so I told him I’d like him to see what looks best when in surgery.


Getting prepared and into my lovely orange robe I was very emotional. I was becoming extremely nervous and I did have a little cry before being wheeled in.


Once I was in the waiting room I became quite calm, I think because I had so many lovely people around me like the film crew and the nurses to keep me at ease, I just relaxed. I really didn’t expect that considering I’ve never had surgery before, I thought I would have run far away by now.


Being wheeled into the theatre was pretty real, the lights and the actual heaviness of being in an operating room became very nerve racking. I was very lucky that Dr Jib noticed how anxious I was becoming, he grabbed my hand and talked to me whilst my anaesthesia was being administered. The last thing I remember was looking at the clock and it was 3:37 pm and my lights were out.

Waking up from surgery was a little scary. It was 8:30pm when I came around, I just remember being extremely dehydrated and my chest being feeling really heavy. I tried to get up and actually yelled out “I NEED WATER, GET ME WATER” much to my boyfriend’s amusement. It was like I had been stuck in the desert for a month with no liquids ha-ha – I fell back to sleep and had probably one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had in that hospital.


Waking up I was a little apprehensive about getting my drains pulled out but that was the easy part, I hardly felt anything other than a slight tug. Getting out of bed and walking was hard! I managed to get a photo with my amazing nurses, they are so ready for the camera its amazing. Unfortunately for me, you can tell by the look on my face how sore I was. But I’ll cherish this photo because they were an amazing bunch of ladies.


I ended up being wheeled out of the hospital as walking was too much and I was in a bit of pain. The drive back was fine as my driver was prepared and offered me a pillow to rest my twins on. Ladies, I highly suggest this for the most comfortable trip home, BRING A PILLOW !! The roads are bumpy and you don’t want to be holding them the whole time, the pillow under the boobs saved me from a lot of pain.

Getting back to the hotel was fine, I had my boyfriend Aaron with me and he helped so much, I couldn’t have done it without him. A little tip, ask for lots of pillows and make a nest in bed. I didn’t feel too guilty about being in bed for the first few days after my surgery as it poured down with rain the whole time.

Getting up and walking around my room happened slowly as I became more comfortable doing things on my own. But walking around the streets made me nervous, it was so hot and I was running out of breath very easily. I wasn’t comfortable as my chest was super heavy, but I knew I needed to get up and about.

Getting my bandages off was seriously the most exciting thing ever!! To my delight Dr Jib gave me 375cc Round Moderate Implants and they are perfect!!

My Easy Recovery

At 4 weeks I was back in the gym doing light lower body weights and a lot of walking. At 6 weeks I started doing a little upper body.

I’m now able to lie on my stomach when I sleep and my under breast crease incisions are healing beautifully. Doing the massages your doctor shows you is an EXTREMELY important exercise to keep up; my breasts feel so real and soft now it’s amazing!

I can’t wait to get on stage and compete in a modelling competition with my new and improved body. I loved my experience with Restored Beauty Getaways and the staff and doctors at PPSI, I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else and I don’t.