Road to recovery for Cosmetic Tourism 0

Cosmetic Tourism in Thailand is coming back sooner than you think!
After the boarders re-open

The COVID vaccine and our Australian Government’s strong border control stance and action has now given hope to the reopening of international travel. According to press releases the Federal Government, later this year, will announce positive post pandemic plans to restart international travel.

Thailand has recently successfully completed a government endorsed protocol safe villa quarantine for 58 people. This paves the way for the launch of larger area quarantine initiatives starting in April / May 2021.
Smart wearable technologies could initially be the key to opening up travel into and out of low risk countries like Thailand and Australia.

Arrivals will also have to apply for a special wearable wristband monitor, so they will be able to qualify for home quarantining. The wristbands track the quarantined persons movements and vital health signs and this adds a layer of safety and protection to the arrive and community.

Hotel quarantine, although it has been an effective safety measure in Australia, certainly can’t last indefinitely. The future of quarantine, according to Biosecurity expert Dr Bill Anseline, will have to revolve around people processes and technology.  Currently his company is Hemisphere Biosecurity – The Hemisphere Management Group are engaging with a world leading wearable wristband Technology Company who are seeking TGA approval in Australia for a wearable wristband that will not only monitor your vital signs and location but will also have the ability to track and trace your movements whilst in quarantine.

Dr Bill Anseline says that a future quarantine model is shaping up to revolve around international returnees and tourists needing COVID vaccinations, a negative PCR swab test and antibody test and it may even be required for them to enter a short stay in hotel quarantine and then to be released into a home quarantine setting with the added safety of the wearable wrist band technology.

Medical Tourism entrepreneur and founder of Restored Beauty Getaways – Rebecca Cosier, says this may be a game changer for the future of quarantining and the cosmetic tourism industry. Rebecca also said that she envisions Restored Beauty Getaways clients will be able to travel to Thailand, have their procedures, followed by a post operatively recovery period in Thailand and then be allowed to travel back home to Australia to finish their recuperation in home quarantine.

The wristband technology, when approved, will be exclusively offered for medical tourism to all Restored Beauty Getaways clients when international travel resumes.

Restored Beauty Getaways have also been working tirelessly with Australian doctors and epidemiologists, who are at the coalface of this pandemic, to keep “abreast” of the ever changing Australian and Thai governments response to this pandemic and the reopening of International travel. Restored Beauty Getaways receives and tracks the most current COVID updates . This in turn allows us to inform our clients of current changes so that they can plan their future international procedure dates.

The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) are now planning to re-open to medical tourists by October 2021 and in light of this news, Restored Beauty Getaways & PPSI  will be accepting surgery bookings from October 1st onwards.