Post Surgery Do’s and Don’ts 0

Post Surgery Do’s and Don’ts

For the best post surgery recovery possible, here are some of our recommended guidelines to follow whilst recovering in Thailand.

Take it Easy – Your body needs time to heal after surgery. That doesn’t mean you have spend your entire medical getaway lounging in the hotel room (although you will want to rest for the first day or two), but it does mean that you’ll have to scale back some activities for a period of time after surgery.

Steer clear from swimming, vigorous speedboat rides & strenuous hikes.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle – Eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy behaviours like smoking will help your body to heal. Smoking can significantly reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood, slowing the healing process.

Staying hydrated will also help you feel better faster, flushing out the residual effects of anaesthesia and helping your body deliver nutrients to healing incisions. It also helps keep post-op constipation (a common side-effect of pain meds) to a minimum.

Wear your Post Surgery Garments – A post surgery compression garment has the potential to improve nearly every aspect of your recovery. First, by holding your bandages and surgical dressings in place, it ensures that incisions are kept clean in the early stages of healing, thereby reducing the risk of infection. Additionally, compression garments can also aid in circulation, comfort and reduce bruising and swelling.

Incision Care – Incision and wound care is key to protect you from infection. If your incisions are covered with surgical tape or glue, don’t peel or pick it off to take a peek. Leave it in place as long as possible; surgical tape protects your scars from dirt, which can cause infection. Keep your incisions dry. Showers are fine, but baths, hot tubs, and swimming are not advised for the first two to three weeks, as submersion raises infection risk. After showering, pat your incision sites dry gently.

Don’t Worry about Scarring – Most cosmetic procedures leave scars, although our surgeons make every effort possible to hide and minimize scarring. Right after surgery your scars will be very pink and firm. This will fade in time. Don’t worry about your scars right away. They may appear to widen or grow during the first few months after surgery. This is all normal. Time is needed for your scars to begin to fade.

Treating your recovery with respect is a must if you want to heal quickly and get the best results!

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