Our Thai Team 0

Something that sets Restored Beauty Getaways apart from the rest, is our Thai Staff!

Restored Beauty Getaways is fortunate enough to offer Staff that help you along with your journey once you’ve arrived in Thailand. You do not need to feel like you’re a drowning, someone is there to hold your hand the entire way.

From greeting you at the hospital and being at follow up appointments, our Thai staff are there to assist you with any questions, concerns and logistics during your stay.

It can be very daunting leaving your home country to have surgery abroad. We understand the nerves and apprehension our clients feel, especially if you haven’t travelled over seas before. This is why our Thai Team are so important and valuable.

Our team is devoted to offering our clients the very best service and support, ensuring the highest level of care and attention to detail.

Having our Thai Team at your service during the surgeon’s consultation at the hospital can really help ease the feeling of being alone or out of depth. Its always nice to have some reassurance and someone by your side.

By the end of your medical getaway, our Thai Team become life long friends and will continue to assist you even once you’ve returned home.