No more chicken fillets! – Bra Shopping after Breast Augmentation 0

We get a lot of questions from clients wanting to know when they can start to wear underwire bras again after having had a Breast Augmentation.

It’s a good idea to ask for your surgeon’s opinion when you go for your follow up consultation if its something you are concerned about.

It’s important to understand that everyone heals differently and at different rates but as a guide, surgeons generally recommend approximately 6-8 weeks you can start to wear an underwire bra if you are feeling comfortable with it.


You must give it enough time for the implants to settle (drop and fluff) and for the breast pockets to heal firmly otherwise the implants may drop downward. (bottom out)

Also if you have under breast crease incisions, you must allow plenty of time for these scars to heal as you don’t want to rub them as it may affect the healing process. You should also avoid push-up bras in this time too as they may displace the implant and have adverse effects on the shape of your breasts.

Wearing a compression bra after surgery helps keeps your breasts secure with the weight of your new implants as they need extra support as your breast tissue becomes stronger.

There are also many stylish sports bras and beautiful bralettes that may be more comfortable for you to wear if you are not feeling ready to wear underwires yet. As implants are measured in cc’s and not in cup sizes we suggest you to go and get properly fitted for a bra to get an idea of what size you now are.


It’s very important to look after your investments and make sure they are being supported properly and comfortably. It’s such a great feeling not having to stuff your bras with chicken fillets or wear heavily padded bras anymore.

Having a Breast Augmentation gives you a boost of confidence and opens your world to an amazing array of beautiful sexy lingerie that you can now wear to show off your new assets.