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By Chloe Clarke.

It all started with a proposal. My now husband, Michael proposed to me at the very top of Koko Crater on a trip in Oahu, Hawaii.

The view was spectacular, you could see the entire island from the very top. But that came at a cost, 1050 stairs and 5 emotional break downs on the way there – I didn’t think I was going to make it! A diet of eating whatever I wanted, drinking too much and never training had finally caught up with me. I was 75kgs and I felt every gram of it. Hence the transformation began.


After 9 months of a strict diet, a rigorous exercise regime, lots of tears and mood swings from the lack of carbs, I was finally wedding ready. 55kgs! Our wedding day arrived and it was amazing, but one thing was missing… my boobs! I didn’t feel sexy or glamorous on our wedding day. I finally had the body I’d always dreamed of and worked so hard for, and couldn’t show it off the way I had always imagined. Along with loss of weight, went my boobs – which were a nice DD! I had empty socks for breasts. There was not an exercise or diet in the world that was going to increase my chest volume. I needed help!


I was really toying with the idea of getting a breast augmentation, doing lots of research and talking to friends and family for their opinions and advice. My husband wasn’t too fond of the idea of fake boobs, he was worried they’d look “plastic” and “not natural”. I didn’t care, I didn’t feel sexy or womanly and I knew this surgery would increase my confidence and finally give me that glamorous feeling I’d been working so hard toward.

I found Restored Beauty Getaways through a few acquaintances that had nothing but positive reviews and results so I contacted Bec Cosier and got the ball rolling. It all happened very fast, I sent my photos through, got a response and a quote all in a matter of days. It was booked, I was getting a Breast Augmentation!!!

The day I had so eagerly been waiting for had finally arrived. I flew out to Phuket, Thailand with my mum. It was happening. I was excited and scared all at the same time. When we arrived at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, I met with Dr Piyapas for my consultation first thing in the morning. After looking at my deflated balloons for breasts for about 20 minutes , Dr Piyapas recommended I get a lift too. I should have known that was coming, but I still wasn’t quite ready to hear it. The surgery time tripled, more tests were required and I was in quite a bit of shock. Queue the water works! 10 minutes of tears passed, I’d come to terms with the added procedure and off we went. The testing before surgery was so thorough, blood tests, ultrasounds, mammograms, they even got me running on a treadmill with all these wires attached to various parts of my body – luckily I had trained for that part!!


Into theatre, and the next thing I remember was waking up in the ICU. Surgery went well, and pain was maybe about 6/10. A few days past, the pain got substantially better and I was walking around Patong Beach like it was just another holiday. Wondering through the street markets, bartering, and drinking coconuts. Before I knew it, 7 nights were over and my stitches were ready to come out. Dr Piyapas was happy with the results, but no one could have been happier than the girl I saw staring back at me in the mirror. I was finally, sexy, glamorous, womanly and all those things I’d been working so hard toward. I got the body I’d been dreaming of since that proposal at the top of that crater 20kgs ago.


Once I got home, you guessed it, Michael LOVED them – not more than me of course. They are surprisingly soft and so natural looking. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or a better result. They are beyond perfect. They have changed my life. I still, just stare at them in the mirror and can’t believe they are mine. Restored Beauty Getaways made my experience a breeze from start to finish.

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