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I want to go on a medical getaway, but I have no one to go with? We hear that a lot – which is why at Restored Beauty Getaways we offer Group Tours!!

Here at Restored Beauty Getaways we understand the first-time anxiety, fear and trepidation that surgery presents, let alone the uncertainty of undertaking surgery in a foreign country.

We offer escorted group tours, for added assurance for everything from pre-op nerves to post-op recovery and also for that added element of FUN!

Departing from Australia and New Zealand six to eight times per year, the group tours are all-inclusive packages hosted by 1 or 2 Restored Beauty Getaways Cosmetic Consultants. We coordinate every aspect of your itinerary; including airport, hotel and hospital transfers, flights, accommodation, surgery and even tourist events!

Our group tours are an ideal for those who don’t have anyone to travel with, those who have never travelled overseas before or for those just wanting to share their experience with others alike.

On our most recent Group Tour to Phuket, we took 11 ladies on a life changing journey. Extended Tummy Tucks, Mid/Lower Face and Neck Lifts, Rhinoplasties and of course Breast Augmentations were all on the operating schedule for this group. Our group tours are for all ages and all walks of life, we cater to everyone.

Here are a few snaps of our happy clients

Post Surgery, if you are feeling up to it, we even arrange a variety of tourist activities including group dinners, shows and tours. And of course, if you just want to lay by the pool with a coconut – we will join you for that as well.

Our next group is heading to Phuket in October, what are you waiting for?

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