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With a myriad of surgeons, cosmetic agents, hospitals, procedures and destinations how do you select the most reputable, experienced and favoured industry professionals?…Make contact with Restored Beauty Getaways.

After 14 years leading the way in International Dental and Cosmetic Surgery, you can rest assure that we will take extra special care of you and everything that is entailed with your surgery and travel booking. From your initial consultation, preferred destination, surgeon selection and hospital booking, travel and accommodation options and advice, transfers, local ground care and your surgery aftercare there is nothing left for you to do other than pack your bags and make your way to the airport with your passport for your Cosmetic Getaway.

If you’ve been nervous about booking your surgery abroad because your not sure where to start, here is a brief snippet of what your consultation would look like here at our head office in Perth.

☎️ 1300472428 or email us at: info@restoredbeautygetaways.com to arrange your FREE consultation with one of our friendly cosmetic consultants.