Boobie Blues 0

Everyone recovers differently from surgery, but one of the side effects from having Breast Surgery is that you may suffer from the Boobie Blues.

You may experience overwhelming feelings of sadness, depression and worry, surgery remorse or regretting your decision altogether.

There are many things that may contribute to the Boobie Blues

  • Surgery Anaesthetic
  • Pain Medication
  • Lack of sleep due to the discomfort and heaviness of your new additions
  • Worrying about how your new boobies are looking, you may have bruising, they may seem uneven or you may have Frankenboob – where your boobs are sitting high up and square

If you are feeling a little down, we urge you to talk to your RBG consultant, one of our Thailand reps or your Group host, who are always there for you for support.

The best thing about going on our group tours is having the support from your Boob buddies who are going through the same thing and also your Group host, who has been there before, for advice.

Getting out and going for a walk on the beach, laying by the pool or hopping on a tuk-tuk for a ride around Phuket can help lift your mood if you’ve been hiding out in your hotel room. Nothing beats recovering in Paradise.

Our RBG client Facebook page is there for you too, there is always someone on there to share concerns and advice with.

Have a look back at your Boobspiration and remember why you decided to have surgery in the first place.

From our experience, if you do get the Boobie Blues, please don’t worry, it’s very normal to be feeling like this and it will pass very soon.

With time, your new boobs will settle and you’ll start to feel normal again, so go out and buy some new sexy bras and enjoy the new YOU!