10 Frequently Asked Questions after Breast Surgery 0

You’ve just had a Breast Augmentation with Restored Beauty Getaways in Thailand, and some things are feeling a little different to normal. Don’t fret, we are here to answer some of those unpleasant questions!

1) I am getting sharp stabbing pains in breast/breasts.

Answer: This is normal. It can be quite sharp and fast and even take your breath away for a second. This will eventually stop and get better. The time frame varies for each.

2) I can hear like a gurgle sound coming from my breasts.

Answer: This is normal. It’s all the fluid in your breasts that will slowly disappear into your body. We just say it’s your new boobs talking to you.

3) My boobs are hot and throbbing.

Answer: This is normal. You could rest and put ice packs on and drink plenty of water and stay in the air-conditioning. If the swelling / throbbing continues to increase please let us know because it could be a blood clot and will need draining. Quite rare for this to happen so don’t panic.

4) I’m so constipated!

Answer: Everyone normally gets constipated after surgery. You can get relief from the pharmacy or ask your surgeon to prescribe something stronger.

5) My nipples are so sore and sensitive.

Answer: It’s normal for some people to feel extra sensitive. This can ease within a week or 2 or in some cases go on for many months.

6) My medication is different to everyone else’s?

Answer: Each surgeon will prescribe something different for each of his patients. Some people may have allergies or have previously had a reaction to a certain drug. Don’t worry as your medication is specific to your needs.

7) How come I don’t have an ice-pack?

Answer: As everyone is different it is up to whether your surgeon thinks it is best for your recovery to have one or not. It is best to not compare with others.

8) One side is more sore than the other?

Answer: This is also considered normal as one breast may be been smaller to begin with, so would have more stretching. Or perhaps the surgeon tried a different size first in one breast.

9) I’m so emotional today, can’t stop tearing up.

Answer: It’s normal for some people to get “post- surgery blues”. This soon passes. Just ask us for a hug!

10) I would like someone to talk to and confirm everything I am feeling is normal

Answer: Your Restored Beauty Getaways Cosmetic Consultant is available around the clock for any queries that you may need answered.


We pride our selves in our customer service and the support we offer our clients pre and post surgery.

For any further questions you may have post surgery, please contact our head office on 1300 472 428 or email us at info@restoredbeautygetaways.com